Our campaigns

March for Māui and Hector’s

By-catch of the day

– Highlighting the link between fish and chips, and dolphin by-catch.


– Working with surfers to raise awareness


– Opposition to deep sea mineral extraction in dolphin habitat



– With the help of Waitakere Ranges Local Board and other funders we facilitated research establishing the proof of concept using thermal imaging to detect Māui and Hector’s Dolphins


– Mourning the loss of many dead dolphins killed in nets in 2018

Lyttelton Pile Driving

– A new cruise ship terminal is being developed in Lyttelton Harbour, Banks Peninsula, in the South Island, an important home for Hector’s dolphins. Our local campaigner on the ground, Genevieve, has been working hard to raise awareness and get the dolphins safe.

Voter’s Guide

– Before the 2017 election, we commissioned research into different partie’s policy positions on Māui and Hector’s dolphins. Disappointingly, Labour, Greens and New Zealand First, who performed well on their policies, and formed a Coalition Government, have cancelled the previous Government’s plans to install cameras on fishing vessels, and have failed to deliver on their promises, even considering many dolphins killed in nets since their election.

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